Don’t Let The Door Hit You…

It’s official. I’ve been traded to Team Twitchy.

If I can make it through this week I will never again be asked to make a “ressie!” That’s “reservation” in I’m-a-hip-female-PITA-boss speak.

I won’t have to get her lunch at the dumpling place, where standing in line is like being in a steam bath that ends with someone named “The Dumpling Nazi” just waiting to tear you a new one if you so much as look at her wrong, every Wednesday and Friday because she’s too busy working (read: shopping for shoes and talking on the phone about her kids).

No more keeping up with health insurance…for her entire family.

No more hours spent printing color copies for the little league baseball she’s underwriting and then being asked why my actual work isn’t done.

No more coming into 15 emails first thing in the morning. No more awkward talks with her husband. No more returning her shoes!

I’m sure the new, twitchy PITA will come with his own challenges, but they probably won’t be any of the above!

Now, if I can just get through this week…

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