Brains are falling out

I’m starting to realise that the posts from my upcoming book sound a bit anachronistic on this blog and what my initial blogging intentions were.

It’s one of those moments when I feel like collecting it all and throwing it to some savage beast ready to devour its meal, while I’m watching everything from a distance, finally fulfilled for trashing all my literary work in the last four years. Ain’t gonna do that now.

But tomorrow is a brand new week, the 4th week that I’m spending at home, INDOORS, because of the freakin blood test results that show i got a buzzed off liver and yata yata I’m sick of this I wanna go out and run until I reach Congo.

I watched 16 movies in the last two weeks and it’s starting not to sound normal anymore and I’ll stop numbering the posts (I will only number the posts of prose). I need a hobby, something that’s not too demanding and exhausting, something like creating dresses for dolls or nurturing parrots or I don’t know, I’m out of ideas. I can’t even think and I need tips. Anyone…?

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