Ichiban on the rocks, san diego

I wanted sushi so badly when we went to San Diego that I made The Little Red Haired Girl and Mrs. Superhero go twice. The first time was ok, but the second time, at Ichiban on the Rocks, was freaking delicious. We had escaped conventionland on the bus to explore the Hillcrest Neighborhood for the afternoon, and sort of randomly picked this place.

We were nervous because it was in a strip mall, but the urban spoon reviews were decent, so we went for it. Are we ever glad we did. The lady serving us was super cute and friendly, and we ordered 3 somewhat unconventional rolls and a tuna nigiri with quail egg on top. Everything we ordered was fantastic. I wish I could remember what anything was called.

Sevilla tapas restaurant in san diego

Trapped in conventionland in San Diego last week, The Little Red Haired Girl and I went to Sevilla (warning: obnoxious flash site), a tapas restaurant. When our server recommended to us every item on the menu that we found totally uninteresting like the empanadas and tuna tartare (nothing against those items, we were just more interested in items that we can’t normally find), we were nervous.

But we ordered what we wanted anyway, and loved every bite. We picked the ceviche, tortilla, pulpo a la gallega, and manila clams ajillo. After trying the clams we ordered a loaf of bread to soak up the clam juice, it was so delicious.

For dessert we had some sort of espresso creme brulee that turned out to be pretty good too. Even though it was wicked touristy feeling, we ended up really enjoying our meal there.

Indicators of a disturbance in the force

* the ncaa women’s tournament is actually interesting this year, with lots of major upsets in the 1st and 2nd rounds
* as a subindicator of the above, TN, Duke, and UNC are all out already.
* this morning i accidentally performed my shower routine out of order
* i saw a blip in the matrix
* i’m still motivated to work after an intense couple of weeks of overtime paper writing and whatnot
* we were ready to leave the house 10 minutes early this morning
* we had gulf oysters last night, and they were delicious
* we managed to save some money this month
* talked to mom on the phone last night, and she did not mention my retirement fund. the disturbance is not SO great, however; she did tell me that i should be working harder on my dissertation.