Spray anti molii

Exista aproximativ 40 de specii de molii. Insecta adulta este in ultima etapa a dezvoltarii, functia vitala a acestei molii fiind reproducerea. Astfel, un fluture sanatos poate depune pana la 100 de oua. Molia iubeste locurile intunecate, cum ar fi dulapurile si depozitarele, sertarele, lumina soarelui nefiind excelenta pentru molii, deoarece nu o tolereaza. Chiar si o singura molie poate face cu usurinta gauri intr-un sacou de lana in decurs de o zi. Larvele se hranesc nu numai cu lucruri de lana, ci si cu piele, pene sau legatura cartilor. Unele tipuri de molii se hranesc cu produse alimente, altele cu produse de uz casnic si textile.  Cele mai comune tipuri de molii domestice sunt cele de blana, de dulap, de mobilier si de cereale. (more…)

Dear Sue Who Worried

Dear Sue Who Worried,

Thank you for the sweet email inquiring into my wellbeing and whereabouts. I assure you I’m fine and have not been sucked into a black hole. Or a worm hole. Or a donut hole.

Though that last one does sound delicious!

I haven’t been kidnapped by gypsies. Nor have I been honeymooning with Mike Rowe, giving motivational speeches about Nutella or doing time for driving a titanium spork through one of my PITA boss’s foreheads. (more…)

Where the hell I’ve been…

After months of dragging around with a bulged disk in my back, my left leg went numb. Per the chiropractor, it was time to go see a neurosurgeon because there was no exercise he could give me and no pill anyone could prescribe to fix what was going on. My disk had ruptured and was pinching off my spinal cord.


My mother, who kept asking if I was sure I needed to have surgery, was stricken mute when the neurosurgeon informed us that people with a rupture as large as mine usually don’t have bladder or bowel control. (more…)

Walk On The Other Side Of The Street Next Time

Oh my Morgan Freeman!

Interwebz? Is that you?!


How long has it been? Oh, who cares, you look fantastic! Have you lost weight?

Well, I don’t know what you’re doing but keep it up because damn!

Wait a minute, something’s different. Something… (more…)