Wishy Washy

I’ve taken the last 7 weeks off from blogging. It wasn’t intentional to take that much time off, but I needed the break. A lot of things happening in this part of the world, mostly personal and boring and not necessary to bring up. Suffice it to say that I’m working on making parts of my life more balanced against each other, rather than one aspect dominating all of my time and attention. To that end, I’ll be popping in once and a while to see how everyone is doing, and while I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to read every blog post, nor will I be able to comment on them all, know that I have missed you all.

During this time, I’ve been doing a lot of revising. I’m about halfway through draft two, and a quarter way through draft three. The second draft is taking longer than I expected, only because I’ve made one or two substantial changes that have ramifications across the entirety of the story.

I have a decent rhythm going with these drafts, where I make a ton of changes, send those pages to two of the most excellent crit partners I’ve ever know, and while I wait for their notes, I keep going on draft two. Once I get them back, I make those changes into draft three, and see if anything needs to be updated in draft two before I send them the next set of pages.

Wow. That was, quite possibly, one of the strangest and most boring paragraphs in existence. I apologize for you having just read it. Unless you skimmed and skipped and don’t know what I’m talking about, then never mind.

Okay, so to recap, busy with work, busy with kids, busy editing, not enough time for video games or reading. Things have changed here and there, made more efficient for our day to day, and work still needs to be done. Our sump pump decided to shit the bed over the last few days, and added to the fact that we had to have the roof replaced last month, I’m just done. Last night, The Wife said she thinks the house is trying to eat us. I’m not sure I can disagree with that sentiment.

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