Where the hell I’ve been…

After months of dragging around with a bulged disk in my back, my left leg went numb. Per the chiropractor, it was time to go see a neurosurgeon because there was no exercise he could give me and no pill anyone could prescribe to fix what was going on. My disk had ruptured and was pinching off my spinal cord.


My mother, who kept asking if I was sure I needed to have surgery, was stricken mute when the neurosurgeon informed us that people with a rupture as large as mine usually don’t have bladder or bowel control.


The next day I was face down on an operating table while they removed the disk and made bets on how many dimples there were on my ass. A few hours later I was standing straighter and walking faster than I had in a year! I went home the same night, was off pain meds in 5 days and back to work in two weeks! All without them replacing the disk or installing any hardware! It was glorious!

And it still is! Of course I’m still healing and I have a few restrictions but I feel SO much better. It’s one of those situations where you don’t know how much pain you were in until you’re not in it anymore. I felt so much better so fast I signed up with eHarmony a week after surgery. Seriously! I’ll fill you in there in another post.

One not a year away!

Boob cone,


PS: Nobody won the bet. They stopped counting 100 dimples after the largest number anyone guessed

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