What Have I Got In My Pocket?

Thank you, all. Your concern in the comments yesterday about my mental stability to deal with the day was much appreciated. And thanks to Breann, I watched part of Dazed and Confused on my phone over lunch, which was just the pick-me-up that I needed to make it through the rest of the day. Although, I was sad again when I had to stop it half way through, but that just means I can watch the rest today over lunch, so as Michael Scott would say, “Win/Win/Win.”

The only thing that really knocked it out of me in the afternoon was that someone complained to our facilities department that it was cold, and they turned the heat on. Now, I can deal with the brief smell of burning dust, but I just have to laugh when the heat is on and people are walking around with their coats pulled tightly around themselves, and I’m in a short sleeve polo shirt and a fan blowing on me. Honestly, I felt like a uterus short of menopause.

On to the day at hand.

Since this is supposed to be a place populated by all sorts of nerd speak and such, I thought today of all days would be the day to get a little technological. By technological, I don’t mean schematics and physics and engineering, but about today’s big announcement. More on that in a second.

I was just reading a review of the Amazon Fire tablet. The article was from four days ago, but as any parent of young children can attest, reading the news on a weekend is a pipe dream until they’re old enough to chill the fuck out on their own. I mean that will all love and respect for my offspring, of course. My children are angels and would never wake up at 12:55am and 3:47am and 5:10am. Nor would they watch you doing some light electrical work and repeat every measurement and word you say incessantly until you just drop the tools and abandon the project for another day, thus leaving exposed wire hanging from the basement ceiling (don’t worry, it’s not attached to the live wire, so there’s no danger).

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