The Tigers Come At Night

It’s the strangest thing, listening to the radio in the morning. Depending on when I leave for work—meaning if I’m leaving “on time” or not—I either hear about 20 minutes of morning show, or I get a ton of commercials. This morning was a commercial listening day. When this happens, I turn on whatever CD is in the player. Turns out, I still had the Les Miserables soundtrack in (well, the first of three discs), so I listened to a couple songs to finish out the drive. Which reminds me, have you see the first trailer for the upcoming film version? In case you haven’t, here it is.

Now, a few things. I’m crossing my fingers that this will turn out all right. From what you can see in the trailer, it should be visually stunning. Hugh Jackman can play Valjean; this much is true. I still hesitate at the casting of Anne Hathaway as Fantine and Russell Crowe as Javert.

Having heard Anne Hathaway perform live before, I know she has the chops for the part. It’s the look that I worry about. After seeing Russell Crowe in the trailer, he (mostly) looks the part, though I’m convinced Javert is more of a well-shaven kind of guy. I’m worried that he doesn’t have the right baritone singing voice for songs like “The Confrontation” and “Javert’s Suicide.

Moving on, I’m not a fan of Amanda Seyfried, but at least she looks like a Cosette. Not sure about her singing ability (having not seen Mamma Mia! and who can even trust if that’s her real ability to sing). Eddie Redmayne looks the Marius role, and I’m positive Sacha Baron Cohen will be amazing as Thénardier. I’m wishy-washy on Helena Bonham Carter, but I’m sure she’ll fit as Madame Thénardier.

Best news I just read about it, though, is that the Bishop of Digne role will be played by none other than Colm Wilkinson, the original (and only, thank you very much) Jean Valjean from the first West End and Broadway productions.

Now, all we need are trailers with “Who Am I?” and “One Day More” as their soundtracks.

Okay . . . maybe I’m a little more excited than I’m letting on. I just hope it’s not a heartbreaking disappointment.

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