Ten Minutes Of Jungle Book… As Narrated By Jacqui

Look! Dair’s Bagheera! He’s a kinda wild kitty, huh?

Look! Look at dat basket! Know what’s innit? A baby! Idn’t dat silly?

Lissen what dat baby says… why’s he say “Ahhhhh?” Does he fink Bagheera’s a dentist?

What kinda kitty is Bagheera?

Is dat da kinda kitty dat sleeps all day and wakes up all night?

Dat means he’s nocky-turdle, huh? (nocturnal)

Why’d he bump dat baby basket and make da baby cry? He’s not posed to do dat, huh?

Dat’s da mommy wolf, huh?

Look! Look at doze little baby wolfs waggin’ dair tails? Aren’t dey so very precious?

Look! Look, Mom! Da wolfs are all growed up wif Mowgli now!

Dat sure was fast, huh?

Dey’re sclurpin’ Mowgli wif slobbery kisses! Idn’t dat silly?

Boy, dey’re reely not shy, aren’t dey?

Dis is too loud now. TOO LOUD!! Let’s turn it down! Dat’s bedder.

Wat’s a ‘man billage’ (village)

Do only mans lib dair, or do girls lib dair too?

Why is Mowgli wearin’ a orange diaper? He’s not a baby!

Wow, dey’re reely high up in dat tree, aren’t dey?

Look! Dair’s Kaa! He’s a slipperdy snake. Look at his loopidy eyes!

Look at my eyes… are dey loopidy too wen I do dis?

Kaa is noddy, right?

Why’s he squishin’ Mowgli?

Look! Look wat he’s doin’ wif his eyes!

Ha, ha, ha, ha! Look wat he’s goin’ ta do… Keep your eye on ‘im! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Wadn’t dat funny wif da knot in his tail? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Why you not laughin’?

Jungle’s are dangerous, huh?

A jungle ‘venture is fraught wif danger! Dat’s wat Rabbit says on da Heffalump Movie.

Wat’s fraught mean?

Now. Ask me again why it is that we never go to the movies?

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