Pediatric Pedagogical Ponderings…

8-Year-Old: Mommy, why do I needta learn science stuff?

Me: So you don’t end up majoring in multi-cultural studies at our local liberal arts university.

Eavesdropping Bystander Sharing Space With Us in the Grocery Store Check-Out Line (who is either amused or annoyed — not sure which): *snort*

8-Year-Old: Maaaaa-uuuuuuhhhm! It’s a super-serious question I’m tryin’ ta ask ya! Tell me the truth so it makes sense!

Me: So you may one day have the option of using all your “science stuff” skills working for a company that clones potatoes rather than for a restaurant that peels them.

Eavesdropping Bystander (annoyed? it’s hard to tell): *snort* *cough*

8-Year-Old: So, science is ‘portant so I don’t havta spend all my time cookin’ for other people?

Me: Something like that.

8-Year-Old: (Eying the makings of dinner in our shopping cart) Well… then I think maybe you should think about takin’ some more science classes before dinner-time.

Eavesdropping Bystander (definitely amused): *snort* *snort* *guffaw!*

We’re scheduled to resume our homeschool studies next week. But between you and me, I’m not sure the kid really needs any more ammo…

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