Duh. It’s Friday.

I’ve been trying to post something all day, but these people actually expect me to work…on a Friday…when I’m completely unsupervised!

Can you believe it?

But oh no, the PITA bosses put an end to that before I even got in the car this morning! I have their emails color coded (red like boiling blood for the female boss, blue like blue from holding my breath so I’ll pass out instead of having to listen to more drivel for the male boss) and when I got in this morning my inbox was lit up like the 7th of July! (more…)

I am an Inventor!!!

When I was a kid watching people like the great Ron Popeil on TV, hocking his vast and wonderful inventions, that seemed like the way to do it.  Sure, you could go out and get a job, work hard every day and live beneath your means so you could save up some money.  If you worked real hard and saved every penny, you might be able to send your future children to college.  The concept that you could just invent something, just have a great idea, and be set for life, was much cooler. (more…)

I’m Getting Stupid

I love tech gadgets, like my new phone, but I know that technology is allowing me to become dumber and dumber.

From an early age, I decided learning complex math was ridiculous. Calculators are everywhere and cheap to buy. So I didn’t need to worry about crap like this. Complex math could be done with simple tools on the computer, so once that was all available on the web (as the web became more available) I gave up on that garbage too. I’m pretty bad at math now. I don’t really care about this. I always say that if I’m in a situation that requires complex math and there is not a computer anywhere to be found, there are bigger problems to solve. (more…)

I Care Way Too Much

The qualification is confusing too. If I’m working with homeless/needy people I’m concerned to not act all proud of myself so they don’t think I’m some big douchebag. If I go to a high-end retailer I walk around with a “fuck you” expression because I don’t care if anyone likes me.

It’s bizarre. I was just talking to Kater about having a coffee pick-me-up. I think the problem is really that I’m afraid I’ll get stink breath, and have to talk to someone up close and they’ll go on thinking I have stinky breath all the time, and I’ll think about how they might mention to someone else that I had stinky breath and that it was terrible. (more…)

High School Stories (uno)

My nephew is a freshman in high school, and already having trouble with a rumor spread around the school like a brushfire.  He’s a tough kid, with a big mouth, and very active in sports.  He’ll survive, but he’s quickly learning that high school is its own experience with higher highs and lower lows than other grades in the public k-12 system.

In that vein, here are some anecdotal stories of my experience  to remind you what it was like: (more…)

Jeez Louise

I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking lately. A lot of deep thinking and freaking out about stupid things. Some things are worth being concerned about, like a heavy wooden beam, creaking and cracking above when you’re trapped under a stainless steel statue of Toucan Sam during a housefire or paying back your student loans. Other things are stupid to be concerned about to the point you fret all day, because it doesn’t help you get through them.

I’ve learned something that was seemingly obvious. Thinking too much makes me tired. I guess that makes sense, right? Thinking must take energy, like a computer uses energy without any physical movement. Thinking in circles is probably a lot like running circles. You get tired and go nowhere. (more…)

Food Sadness

Let’s set the scene, shall we? You’ve gone out to dinner somewhere really nice, or at least really great-tasting. The food is calling out to you, but you stop yourself when you’ve had just enough to feel immobile for the rest of the ride. What if you have some of this delicious food left? Do you leave it there?

If you do, fancy pants bourgeoisie, you need to remember that there are starving kids in your very own backyard. Remember? For God’s sake, let them out or take home scraps. Jeez. (more…)

A Month-Old Challenge

About a month ago Elly Lou of BugginWord fame, challenged me to participate in some weird blogger game thing that the more regular bloggers must do. Oh those bloggers. With their blogs and whatnot. Playing their blog games. I’m probably just jealous.

My documentary of those events will not be the story here, so let’s get down to the questions. They are as follows: (more…)

Farts are Funny

Are you even reading this? I can’t believe you’re reading this. I thought for sure you guys were classier than this. Well, I can’t stop you now and it’s about to get very “blue” in here.

I think farts are funny. I’m holding on like hell to the boyish parts of me and that’s one that was stuck to the bottom of my general naivety about girls. I was just talking to @troyvdenney and I asked him his thoughts on this. (more…)

Time for a Qwiki?

My friends and I try to stay pretty hip to the trends, like the latest internet videos and television shows. We know who’s hot and why and when we talk to each other we speak only in internet memes. We’re trend-setters, that teach hipsters what to wear. Just kidding, nobody likes me. I’m a loser.

Still, a friend showed me something cool a few weeks ago called Qwiki. I signed up to be an alpha tester when available, and I got my email today. People, let me tell you, I couldn’t be much more dorked out about this. (more…)