Nothing much

I felt like I should check in, but I don’t have much to contribute. I mean, things have happened lately, for sure. For example, I’m no longer on a road trip across country. In fact, I haven’t been for weeks now.

In the time since the last post I’ve caught up with an old friend in LA, gotten to SD, flown back, driven to Durham, then to Charleston, participated in a bachelorette party, come home, driven to Michigan for a wedding, then watched Mrs. Superhero become even more super as she defended her dissertation.

I’ve also cooked and eaten all kinds of things, including summer faves like beer can chicken and flat iron steak, and delicious luxurious things like pate sandwiches and beet tartare, and weird shit like the penis shaped banana dessert that was served to the bride-to-be during bachelorette weekend.

It’s been a busy month. But somehow I haven’t felt like posting anything. Just one of those phases, I guess.

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