It had been a long week. A long very long week and I was tired. As I walked through the living room picking up toys, a silver moonbeam glinted through the window. I curled up on the couch with a sigh. I lifted my face to the light and watched as darkened clouds clamored through tree branches below the curve of the moon. I wondered to myself how my lovely friend, Jo, would write such a moon in such a sky… and I closed my eyes as the weariness of the entire week washed over me. And then I heard it. A kitten-soft step.

A tiny hand slipped into mine and I caught the scent of lavender bubble bath as she leaned down to whisper into my ear, “It’sa crescent moon, Mommy… idn’t it ‘chanting?”

And all at once, I couldn’t breathe. Didn’t dare. Letting the beauty of that moment hover and stretch… until it flitted away with a butterfly kiss on my cheek and a hop-skip-pirouette down the hall. A fairy giggle muffled by a blithesome bound into the softness of pillows and quilts.

I turned my face back to the moonlight as my heart sung within, “It is worth it… every minute… worth it all…”

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