Little Quiet People…

Some time ago, I was smitten with one of Michelle’s posts at Scribbit, where she outlined instructions for making a “quiet family”. Michelle, in turn, had borrowed the lovely idea from the clever author of Simply Stork.

I read both posts and thought of the numerous, nay countless times we have found ourselves waiting in doctor offices over the past five years and the many times I had wished I had something small, fascinating and quiet to command Jacqui’s attention as we waited. And here it was. An adorable, clever, and affordable answer.

I even had everything to make a set or two in my craft bin, with the exception of the wooden game pieces (which I found at a craft store for $1.29 for a pack of four). Soon I was happily crafting away while my bemused husband looked on — wondering what in the world I could possibly be up to. I finished one set and then got distracted by family illnesses until a bloggy friend, Tiff at Three Ring Circus, posted her lovely version. That inspired me to finish up my second set.

The first set, like Michelle’s first set, is a traditional family — a dad, mom, brother, sister, and I just couldn’t resist adding a baby. I also was in the possession of some wooden beads, wooden spools and yarn remnants. After goofing around for a bit, I came up with a floppy pair of family pets — a puppy and kitty. The little wooden set is called a “quiet family” because they don’t have any mouths… get it? “Shhhh… Jacqui, they don’t talk… no mouths, remember?” Works like a charm.

The second set, like Michelle’s second set, is a fairy tale set. I modified the characters a bit, changing them to a king, queen, princess, knight, fairy, and a floppy beaded dragon (who for some reason just makes me want to laugh).

And I have to tell you… they are a huge hit. HUGE! Jacqui played quietly with them at our last doctor outing for the entire visit. Something that has NEVER happened before. Sometimes a little simplicity can accomplish wonders! Thanks Michelle and Simply Stork, for sharing a bit of your collective genius with a most grateful mom.

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