Just One Man

In all truth, the hardest part about today is over. I made it out of bed and into work on time. Seriously, though, I walked into a shit storm upon my arrival, and three hours to do it all. I beat the deadline by 22 minutes. Hence the lateness of this post.

It was an . . . interesting weekend, to say the least. Busy, busy, busy, but mostly in the good way. Pool time with friends, family movie night to introduce the kids to Hook, and swim lessons. Not to mention cleaning the house. Then there were the Tony Awards last night.

Having backgrounds in theatre, we enjoy the Tony’s. Last night was no exception. Did you ever see the movie Once? It was and amazing story of and Irish street busker and a Czech immigrant, and about music. Apparently they turned this story into a stage musical. I was not intrigued until last night. It looked and sounded so amazing, and took home the top award for a new musical. Good for them.

However, the best story of the night was James Corden. Don’t know James Corden? Well, he’s a Doctor Who alum that we loved, as well as his performance in Gavin and Stacey.

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