I Guess It’s Almost Thanksgiving

Ready for today’s WTF moment?

A little background first…

Remember that song “Friday”? Well, it seems the creators of that…interesting (is that a good word to use in this case?)…video have a new song and a new kid.

“It’s Thanksgiving”

I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of this song. I don’t fault this Nicole Westbrook girl for it, though. Nor do I fault the parents; I’m assuming the girl showed interest, so they looked for a way to help. I’m sure the experience of making the song and video were a good lesson.

Who I do fault for the oncoming scorn she will receive for this—and believe me, she’ll get it just like Rebecca Black did? It’s the company that is responsible for both of these songs. The lyrics are awful. While the production value of the video itself is clear, I’m not sure what to make of everything that’s going on during it. Especially the guy dressed up like a turkey. Yes, it’s about Thanksgiving, but seriously…what the hell kind of dance is he doing at the 3:07 mark?

Oh, and if you’re waiting for the cliche, it happens at 2:59 when she picks up the drumstick and sings into it like a microphone. You’re welcome.

In the end, the song isn’t good. The video somehow makes it worse. And yet, I don’t fault the girl (what is she, 11?) for any of it. If she wants to learn the biz, that’s cool. I suppose that fact that it was on the radio this morning, and uploaded to YouTube, and that I’m talking about it, is what they wanted, but I feel bad for this girl already. The inevitable blow back from Internet trollz is imminent.

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