Farts are Funny

Are you even reading this? I can’t believe you’re reading this. I thought for sure you guys were classier than this. Well, I can’t stop you now and it’s about to get very “blue” in here.

I think farts are funny. I’m holding on like hell to the boyish parts of me and that’s one that was stuck to the bottom of my general naivety about girls. I was just talking to @troyvdenney and I asked him his thoughts on this.

“Troy”, I said, “do you laugh at farts?” He laughed – at me – and while doing that said “no”. I explained; “Well, like what about when you’re in the bathroom and someone lets one go really loud right next to you???” he, still laughing, said no. Grasping at some hint that it wasn’t just me I continued “Well, like, I don’t crack up laughing or anything, but if I’m in the bathroom and the guy next to me makes some noise, I have to try hard not to laugh sometimes. You know what I mean?”

He said that I was a 12 year old boy. He’s such a dick sometimes.

I admit it. I think farts are funny. Well, that is to say, unless I have to smell them. That part is not funny or ideal. Unless it’s yours and you’ve snuck it out in a public place and you know someone else is smelling it and wondering who the hell and what the hell is wrong with them. That’s pretty funny too, but don’t laugh or you’ll look like the kind of idiot that thinks farts are funny.

I’m going to go out on a psychological limb here and suggest that it means that I’m able to let go of things in that moment and harken back, way way back, to a simpler time when a loud fart was worth telling friends in school about later, and just enjoy the moment. You know what I mean, guys? Just let go of the fact that it’s a necessary biological process that everyone does and forget about how it’s socially unacceptable and drop the stigma that it’s childish and enjoy the fact that someone made a stinky funny sound come out of their butt.

C’mon… That’s pretty funny.

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