Dull As Saftey Scissors

Lately, I don’t feel mentally sharp.

Yesterday, I spent a good 30 seconds being very perturbed because the key fob to the car wouldn’t work…on the front door!

This morning I opened the door to leave and stopped before stepping outside. I couldn’t escape the feeling I’d forgotten something. Oh right, my SKIRT!

Then again, maybe this has been building for a while. Last week I found a bag of adorable little pots of white and pink Play-Doh I meant to send out…for Valentine’s Day!

A couple of trips to Wal-Mart ago I nearly didn’t buy a floor fan after glancing at the box and misreading it so badly I thought it was made to be attached to an a/c window unit. After two rounds of MadamBob explaining that the picture of the fan NEXT to the window unit was just to show how it could assist with air flow, I was still unconvinced but threw one in the cart anyway. I kept the receipt, just in case.

Even with the Concerta, I can’t seem to focus!

It’s like having brain freeze. Pink, melty, mind-numbing brain freeze.

Before you know it I’ll be listening to that leprechaun who tells me to burn things.

And trust me, it takes all my strength not to burst people at work into flames without his incessant, Cockney badgering!

My PITA bosses just called from NY. Seems I forgot to send meeting notes with them and one of them is getting strange, repeated messages from Continental about his flight class being economy.


Where are those safety scissors? It might take me all day to slit my wrists but I’ll get it done.

You know, unless something doesn’t distra…

Hey, did you know…


It TOTALLY does!

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