Duh. It’s Friday.

I’ve been trying to post something all day, but these people actually expect me to work…on a Friday…when I’m completely unsupervised!

Can you believe it?

But oh no, the PITA bosses put an end to that before I even got in the car this morning! I have their emails color coded (red like boiling blood for the female boss, blue like blue from holding my breath so I’ll pass out instead of having to listen to more drivel for the male boss) and when I got in this morning my inbox was lit up like the 7th of July!

Yesterday I spent most of my time faxing things that are never going to be read to one of their hotels.

Today, I’ve been busy making “ressies.”

For you adults out there, that’s “reservation” in I’m-a-hip-female-boss speak.

If you want to get pummeled to death with a spork and a frozen bottle of Ozarka, ask me to make a “ressie.”

I dare you.

Finally, mercifully, they’re both in flight and the 2ndIC, who can see straight into my monitor from his desk, is at lunch with the 1stIC for at least another 30 minutes.

What do you know? There IS a Morgan Freeman!

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