Counting Little Blessings…

Kyle: “Wun-fee-fibe-nigh…TEN! (claps hands) ‘Ray!! Bwass-awv!

Jacqui: “No, Kyle. Dat’s how you don’t do dat. Like dis: “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one… blast off! Like dat. Try ‘gain.”

Kyle: “Wun-fee-fibe-sebin-TEN-BWASS-AWWWV! DEEEE-ENNNNN! Gackie shush!

Jacqui: “Kyle, don’t tell me to shush. Dat’s not polite and you’ll make Emily sad. I’m jess tryin’ ta help you not count all wrong. Count downs start wif ten, not one. An’ you missed a whole buncha numbers. You bedder start over… Ten, nine…

Kyle: “Wunfeeseben…TEN! Bwass-AWWWV! (Tucking chin and glaring) AWWW DUNNN GACKIE!!

Jacqui: “Crabby boy. Summday you’ll wish ya lissend to me. Don’t ebber say I din’t try ta tell ya.”


Jacqui: (looking to me with an appalled gasp) Well you know Mom, he’s not goin’ ta be very pop-lar in play groups wif dis sorta nonsense. Emily will be soooooo disda-poin-ed!

And so my day starts… with a smile in my heart for my silly, funny little kiddos. Each of them a blessing.

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