Back Away From The Monkey Wrench

Routine is my life.

Not being stuck in a rut (though sometimes it feels that way), but doing things in the same order so I don’t forget anything. Having ADD makes it really easy to forget important things if I deviate too much from the norm.

It sounds restrictive and suffocating, but for me it’s calming and gives a feeling of security that I know I won’t walk out onto the front porch in the morning wearing everything but my skirt. Again.

Don’t misunderstand, I can be impulsive at a moments notice and I don’t have to know where we’re going and mostly (as long as there’s not a camera, being forced into a bikini/nudity or a combination of the two) I love surprises!

Getting together with absolutely no plan, which means we’ll end up going nowhere, irritates me to no end. But who doesn’t pray to take a lightening bolt to the head when faced with having to play “I dunno, what do you want to do?” until someone finally comes up with something or everyone agrees they should go to the emergency room because one of you passed out and is bleeding from the eyes, nose and ears?

No, it’s the routine, normal, everyday life that I love and depend upon to keep me from forgetting the important things, like my skirt or to feed the puppies or to take my ADD meds.

See how it all comes full circle?

When I went to put the cord for my phone in my purse this morning I heard the dryer buzz and thought “I’d better go get that while I’m thinking about it.” And I did. And then when I got to work this morning I thought “Hmm…my purse felt suspiciously light,” when I dropped it on my desk and went to retrieve the cord.

Yeah, that would be because I forgot to put my wallet back in my purse when I was distracted by the dryer! MONKEY WRENCH!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to figure out what corner I’m going to work to pay for lunch. If I’m lucky the cupcake truck will go by and throw me a day old red velvet with cream cheese icing out of pity!

Ah…silver lining.

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