I got up early this morning to make breakfast and lunch, since I have an 11 hour day at school today. Yesterday’s idea of having Doritos for lunch is not going to get me through today. So there I am at 6:30, all ready to cook, when I realize there is a trail of ants parading from the window over the kitchen sink down onto the countertop and back.

I’d like to say that I’m shocked and I have no idea how such a thing could possibly happen to us, that we are the pinnacle of cleanliness and the ants had no good reason to have found their way into our house. Sadly, that has not been true this past week.

We have both been going non-stop either for work or social reasons. I know, I’m not complaining, we haven’t had a terrible time, just busy. So, there is a possibility that things like dishwashing and countertop wiping have been neglected.

Well, luckily the ants seem to have just recently found their way in so it wasn’t too awful yet, and we nipped it quickly in the bud (knock wood). While I did manage to frantically throw some lunch together, I clearly didn’t learn my lesson because I left behind another pile of dirty dishes.

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