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To say that time is a precious commodity in my little part of the world would be a drastic understatement of facts. Truth be told, I find myself quite a bit over-extended most days, and the scales of time are heavily in favor of those things that have to be done and need to be done. Unfortunately, this leaves little time for things that I’d rather be doing.

Tuesdays in particular are jam-packed from the moment I wake until exhaustion sets in. However, I did read two chapters from A Clash of Kings last night. At least, I think I did. I’m about 150 pages into the 950 page installment, and I’m loving every second. I wish I could world build half as well as Martin does.

Speaking of writing, I haven’t done much lately. Again, time has been lacking, and what little free time there is, something needs to be done or I’m just plain exhausted. I want to get some more editing done on this WIP, as I’m about 1/3 of the way through some reader notes.

I know what everyone says. Things akin to “There are always [dishes/laundry/yardwork} to be done, but they can be done later.” That may be true, but I don’t work like that. It’s an unfair balance to work, unable to write knowing that something else requires your attention, and feeling guilty about not doing it while your writing or reading, which detracts from the experience of writing or reading. It’s a cycle I’ve been unable (or, dare I say, unwilling?) to break. Hey, I made strides to finish a draft before doing any editing, and I’ve stuck with that. Well, the editing is slow, but I’ve broken that habit. Maybe one day I’ll be able to not feel guilty about writing when other things or people need my attention.

I watched Oblivion recently. I know people get on Tom Cruise for his off-screen antics, but personally, I can detach the movie persona from the real life person. It was decent, albeit predictable. Heavy on the special effects, but executed well. Reviews over at Rotten Tomatoes have the movie scored low, but I fear people don’t separate their personal feelings for Tom Cruise’s lifestyle choices from the movie. Which is also why I don’t pay attention to most reviews, especially negative ones.

I mean, if everyone listened to things like Entertainment Weekly’s review of Forrest Gump—”It is…glib, shallow, and monotonous, a movie that spends so much time sanctifying its hero that, despite his ‘innocence,’ he ends up seeming about as vulnerable as Superman.”—who knows what would happen. To that end, I enjoyed it for the experience of the post-apocalyptic/post-alien invasion world. I mean, it’s Earth, but After Earth. Pretty wicked, even in its predictability.

On the horizon, my brain has already been thinking about the April A-to-Z Blog Challenge. So, I put it to you, those few of you still coming by. Do I follow my original idea of teaching about Arthurian Legend? Or do I try to spend the next two months writing a 26 part series using the alphabet as a guide? Much more daunting an idea than speaking about King Arthur, Excaliber, Gawain, Lancelot, and Spamalot, to be sure, but maybe. Thoughts? Questions, concerns, queries, or conundrums?

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