9 Days Left

I feel like punching somebody in the giblets.


Also, I feel like laughing hysterically at absolutely nothing, screaming at the next coworker to ask me ANYTHING, dancing in the back conference room to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” which has been on a nonstop loop in my head since yesterday morning, mooning the next smoker I see in the kitchen, face planting into a chocolate, butter cream iced sheet cake the size of a kiddie pool and sobbing myself into a puddle…of Wild Turkey.

Hmm…could it be?

Why yes, yes it is…


I have no idea why I didn’t catch on yesterday when, stuck downstairs with 30 other pissy people waiting for the one working elevator to arrive, I simultaneously wanted to hump AND beat the sweet-smelling guy next to me to death with my heel when he nearly pushed me to the ground trying to be the first one to get on!

A gentleman and the Guy from the 36th floor he was NOT!

If my PITA bosses are observant (they’re not) they’ll take my edgy-ness to the point of my eye twitching as a sign NOT to have my review this afternoon.

Or for the rest of this week.

*sigh*  Well, back to work.

Grrrr…giggle, giggle, giggle, SOB!

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