Concerning Poetry

My heart goes out to your interweb woes. But when it really comes down to it – sometimes you have a connection, and sometimes you don’t. But don’t worry, people will think you a fantastic blogger, so long as you post at least once – daily.

This poetry thing can impress the simple of mind. Example: People will think you are clever, just as long as the last word of each line rhymes. So forget flirting with alliterations, as they allegedly alert your audience to your attempts to birth the beginning of each word with a heave-ho, especially if you constantly chant to them, “Breathe, just breathe – you’re almost through it all.”

As you already know, I often slang spoken-word as poetry’s salvation; listing the slam as the best way to bring the mentally muscled together with a passionate struggle to get the microphone to translate truth into entertainment that could compete with primetime – you could score very well in a slam, as long as you keep mixing your poetry with funny punchlines.

You could try going straight-laced with true poetry and fabulous imagery, but I’m sure that you’ll find there is a lot less excitement about metered rhymes and there’s no fun when you have to match up the syllables of each line. Poetry is cannot be defined and can be defined and there are too many differening opinions coming from too many creative minds. I tend to avoid that drama as I’m getting older and I’m starting to believe I have far less time to waste.

So let’s just say there’s no such thing as poetry, because what can’t be defined certainly can’t exist – unless you have faith. Am I rambling?