It’s Nippley In Here

Does it seem drafty in here to you?

I mean, on any given day you can hang meat up in this place but today seems overly Antarctic.

It’s colder and draftier and…bare…er.

Ah. It’s my dress. The only piece of clothing short enough to reveal the back of my knees when my ass hikes it up extra inch.

Or two.

Fantastic. (more…)

9 Days Left

I feel like punching somebody in the giblets.


Also, I feel like laughing hysterically at absolutely nothing, screaming at the next coworker to ask me ANYTHING, dancing in the back conference room to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” which has been on a nonstop loop in my head since yesterday morning, mooning the next smoker I see in the kitchen, face planting into a chocolate, butter cream iced sheet cake the size of a kiddie pool and sobbing myself into a puddle…of Wild Turkey. (more…)